What can you expect at ForestPlay?

Activities at ForestPlay

A space where children build possibilities.

Build and Play Area

Use real tools such as saws, hammers, and nails to build structures of their dreams. Our Playworkers will guide children on how to handle tools. In co-creating the space together, children will also collaborate and develop social relationships with one another.

Mud and Sand Play

Mud Play is a sensorial activity area for children to connect with nature. Build tunnels or make mud bricks, the possibilities are endless. For the younger ones, access to the Sand Play area will provide an opportunity for them to sculpt and mould their own sandcastles.

Obstacle Course

Jump over logs and crawl through tunnels. The obstacle course will present the right amount of exhilaration. Children will challenge themselves physically, building their psychomotor skills, as they race against their peers!

Learning Circles and Teepees

Play hide and seek or just chill out! Our instagram-able tepees will be a great hide-out for your kids. These learning circles and teepees area are furnished with trunks and logs for children to sit and interact. Also a homeground for our Explorers programme, children will learn wood-whittling, outdoor cooking and more!

Fire Pit

Fuel children’s imagination as we get our grills on. At our fire pit, kids will get a unique demonstration on how to start fire safely and enjoy roasting and preparing light snacks to fuel their ForestPlay adventure.

Nature Swing

Hold on tight and brace yourself! Set against the backdrop of luscious greenery and crashing waves of Sentosa, children will feel the cool sea breeze on their faces as they sit on our large nature swing.