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What is ForestPlay?

ForestPlay is a nature playscape suitable for children ages 4-14 years old. At ForestPlay, we bring out the sense of adventure in children, harness their creativity and allow them to learn in a natural environment, which has proven benefits for young learners. We give tools to children. Yes, real saws and hammers! With appropriate adult supervision, they will enjoy a time of creating and building onto others’ work and learn, all at the same time!

What is risky play?

Risky play is “thrilling and exciting play where children engage in risk without certainty” (Brussoni, 2019). Children feel bored and unengaged when they are not stimulated or challenged. Children get the opportunity to test their physical and emotional boundaries when they engage in risky play. Risky play may look different for different child. For some, it could be climbing a tree for the first time. For others, it could be using a hammer. Here at ForestPlay, there is no set rule on what you have to play. The only rule here is to P.L.A.Y.

Why do we allow children to use real tools?

We believe that children need the right amount of risk and challenge in play. Only by doing so, children will feel excitement and learn important 21st century skills such as risk management, communication and creative problem-solving skills from a risky play environment. 


How can I get to ForestPlay?

ForestPlay has found our home at sunny Sentosa. We are located at 112 Tanjong Beach Walk Singapore (Focus Adventure). You will find our entrance at Tanjong 1 Carpark or previously known as Palawan Beach Carpark. If you are having trouble finding us on Google Maps, keying in Palawan Beach Carpark would be your best bet. This will lead you to our entrance. However, do note that Palawan Beach is not within close proximity to Palawan Beach Carpark.

Is ForestPlay suitable for my child?

ForestPlay is suitable for children ages 4-14 years old. We’ve had children as young as 4 years old, working with tools and successfully making their own dollhouses and swords. We believe that nature is for everyone, which brings a plethora of benefits such as improved mental and physical health.

Do I have to accompany my child for ForestPlay?

ForestPlay is a drop-off session where children are encouraged to build creatively without adult supervision. This will grow their independence and harness their imagination. Parents can choose to sit back and relax at our observation deck or just chill at a café nearby and pick your little ones at the end of the session.


What should I prepare for my visit?

Before your visit, you would have received a booking confirmation with a link to our waiver form. All participants are required to sign their waiver forms before entering ForestPlay. On the day of your visit, your child should be dressed in long sleeve, long pants, gloves and covered shoes. Gloves are also available onsite for $2.

What can I expect at ForestPlay?

Other than our build and tool play area, exciting activities wait for your children. Children are free to choose from 6 exciting attractions such as outdoor cooking, large tyre swing, sensorial mud and sand play, tool play, self-expression wall and obstacle course. The fun is endless at ForestPlay!

But I want to play too!

While our ForestPlay is opened for children 4-14 years old, we are also open to creating corporate programmes such as team bonding activities and private parties customized to your needs. Write in to with your request!

How do I book my tickets?

Book your tickets online through our booking system here.

Why can’t I pay by credit card?

We are currently only accepting PayNow as our only payment option. Our credit card payment gateway is underway and will be available real soon!