Singapore's First Nature Adventure Playground!

ForestPlay is a nature playscape filled with unique challenges (and fun!) Here, children are given complete freedom to bring ideas to life. Helmed by trained Playworkers, children will use tools to build structures and create a world that they can truly call their own. 

Why we believe
in risk play

  • Learning opportunities are boundless

    The act of climbing a tree may seem frivolous to an adult. By allowing children to take risks, it encourages them to test out new ideas and think of more creative ways to get around that big obstacle.

  • Builds necessary risk-management and 21st Century skills

    Nope, we don't believe in removing every single risk. We would rather help children to navigate around those challenges. As a result, children will develop 21st Century Skills such as risk-management, allowing them to make better cognitive decisions.

  • Puts the 'play' back into playground

    Children love a space where they can feel excitement and exhilaration. Play areas need a certain level of challenge. And ForestPlay does just that for children.

Learn, Play, Imagine

Explorers by Kidz Treehouse will guide your child(ren) on an experience of a lifetime as they discover the wonders of nature. From tying ropes to foraging, children will feed their curiosity as they absorb the beauty of the natural world. They will get the chance to run freely, climb trees and play collaboratively with their peers under the nurturing facilitation of our Nature Rangers. Expect hours of laughter and learning while picking up 21st Century Skills of resilience, creativity, confidence and independence.

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